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what is die casting parts?

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what is die casting parts?

In our life today,many industry need use die casting parts,but a lot of people do not know what is die casting parts,let me intrpduce the die casting parts to you.

Die-casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is the use of pressure casting machinery die-casting machine installed with the casting mold,The metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy which is heated into liquid state is poured into the feeding port of the die-casting machine, and the copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of limited shape and size are cast by the die-casting machine,Such parts are often called die castings.

Die-casting parts have different names in different places, such as die-casting parts, pressure castings, die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum, die-casting zinc, die-casting copper, copper die-casting, zinc die-casting, aluminum die-casting aluminum, aluminum alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-casting parts.

Next news,i will introduce the knowledge of features about die casting parts,if you like it,come on!


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